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Kelp bass or Calico bass
Kelp bass (paralabrax clathratus), also commonly called calico bass, which is found along the Atlantic coast of North America from Baja California...
Winter flounder
Winter flounder (pseudopleuronectes americanus) is a right-eyed flatfish native to North Atlantic coast. It can be found from Labrador (Canada) to...
Striped bass
Striped bass (morone saxatilis) is a fish of the Moronidae family found along the Atlantic coast of North America.
Marlin is a fish from a large family called Istiophoridae, which includes about 10 species. The most popular species include the blue marlin...
Greater Amberjack
Greater amberjack (seriola dumerili) is found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Indian coasts. This fast-swimming...
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