Saltwater fishing

pêche en mer

Inquire about marine fishing, discover fishing on foot by participating in a discovery outing organized by the city, find a fishing equipment store near you, contact an association or a fishing guide for personalized training ... On, you will find all that information as well as saltwater fishing techniques, information on equipment, different legislations, ...

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Saltwater fishing near you caters to everyone, from beginner seasonal fishermen to the passionate fishing pro! On our website, you will find the following useful local information:

  • - List of the most fished species in the area
  • - Minimum landing size,
  • - Bylaws,
  • - Fishing events in the region,
  • - Fishing techniques and required equipment,
  • - Useful adresses (Tourist information centers, ...)
  • - Approved organisations.

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Saltwater fishing techniques

Although there are many different fishing techniques that tend to vary according to the location you are in, you don't need to be an expert to put them in practice.

Don't miss the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and develop new skills !

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Salt water fish

Shellfish, crab, spider crab, flat fish, noble fish, ... There is something for everyone : fishing on foot, recreational fishing, shore fishing, fishing from a boat, ...

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Saltwater fishing rules and regulations

Unlike river fishing, saltwater fishing does not require a fishing licence. Anyone is allowed to go shellfish picking along the beach and rocks or catch fish with a personal fishing rod. Fishing nets and cages can legally be installed but under certain conditions.

In order to do that, a set of rules must of course be followed. According to the area and season, certain species can't legally be caught. Minimum landing sizes and quotas are subject to local and national legislation.

Saltwater fishing is for everyone ! From fishing off the rocks as a family, going out at sea and trolling or finding a quiet surf fishing spot at night : there is something for everyone !

Enjoy the pleasure of cooking and savoring freshly caught fish !

Find a fishing guide !

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