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Wahoo (acanthocybium solandri) is a scombrid fish you can find in all tropical and subtropical seas. It is also known as “peto” in many Hispanic areas of the Caribbean and in Central America. A lot of sports fishermen make it a prize game fish because of its speed and high-quality flesh


The size of a Wahoo can reach 250 cm long and it can weigh up to 83 kg. Moreover, its growth can be very fast. This fish is able to swim up to 60 mph, which makes it one of the fastest fishes in the sea.
Its body is elongated, iridescent blue with silvery slides whereas the mouth is large. Unfortunately the colors make it look really nice but they tend to fade rapidly when the fish is caught and dies.
Wahoo can also be confused with mackerel and barracuda but there still are a lot of difference between these three species.

Where can you fish for Wahoo ?

Wahoo is a very prized sport fishing catch. It can be seen not too far from land and into water depths less than 220 feet. Its preferred depth is 30 to 40 fathoms and it runs quite large in the Northeast and the Southern area around the US.
This fish also lives in warm seas and oceans such as Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. You can find it on the Central American coast and in the Caribbean area, around Cape Verde, in Australia, in the Indian Ocean and in French Polynesia.

When can you fish for Wahoo ?

Outside the areas around the Equator, Wahoo can be caught at any time during the day or night. It is strongly advised to watch for incoming tides especially for inland fishery.

How to fish for Wahoo ?

Wahoo fish can be caught by trolling, jigging or baiting. Medium-speed trolling seems to be the method fishermen use the most. High-speed trolling can be a good method too if you are travelling to a new spot, fishing hard or covering a large area in the ocean.
Also remember that Wahoo prefers swimming with one or two individuals and that this kind of fish is one of the fastest in the ocean. Its cutting teeth can be quite dangerous for fishermen as it is capable of severing a human hand in... one bite ! It is important that people on board stay out of the way when you are bringing your catch into the boat. Stepping too close or picking up a fish just to make a picture is undoubtedly very risky. Same applies for your line and lures: when a Wahoo hits, it is important to back off the drag immediately.
Finally, remember to bring adapted equipment depending on the fishing method you have chosen.
You are now ready for Wahoo fishing ! It could be a very challenging adventure offshore but this fish is well known for its delicious flesh. After all that effort, you will certainly enjoy a moment of comfort with a delicious fish dish !

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