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Fishing season :June to October
Minimum size :47 inches
Difficulty :

Swordfish (xiphias gladius) is a highly migratory pelagic fish considered as one of the fastest sea animals. It tends to be large and its weight often exceeds 100 kg. It can be distinguished thanks to its long bill and its iridescent blue body. Most of sport fishermen feel really proud to catch swordfishes on their lines.


Also known as broadbills in a few countries, swordfish is elongated, round-bodied and reaches between 3 and 4 meters in length, and around 650 kg in weight. It can be found in tropical and temperate areas of the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and in the Mediterranean Sea as well. Moreover, swordfish lives near the surface, to a depth of 550 m. It typically reaches maturity by the age of 4 or 5 and its lifespan is at least 9 years.
Being one of the fastest fishes in the ocean, swordfish can swim up to 68 mph. It tends to swim alone but you can also find it in the middle of several individuals even though they remain 10 meters from one another. Its sword is used to slash at its prey and injure it for an easier catch.

During winter

Swordfishes tend to migrate to warmer waters during winter and spring. Depending on the zone and the season they can be found in warm areas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. During the day you can find some having a rest or just trying to enjoy the sunlight quite close to the surface of the sea.

During summer

Swordfish prefers average temperatures, between 18 and 22 degrees. As a highly migratory species it typically moves to cooler areas during summer so it can feed, especially at night.
Summer and autumn seem to be the best periods for fishing swordfish. When the water temperature is warmer swordfishes can be found within reach of sport fishermen, from June to October. The moon phase is also important: the best possible time to go fish swordfish is during the three days either side of the full moon. However, daytime fishery is also possible.

Ways of fishing swordfish

Fishing swordfish can be done is various ways but the most common method is deep-drop fishing, especially for recreational and sport fishermen. If you prefer fishing at night, you should remember having a good light source as swordfishes are usually first attracted to the light. As a result light sticks can be really useful and on full moon and bright nights your light source should be placed close to the bait, between 20 and 30 feet.
Troll fishing may also be appropriate if you consider the weight, the strength and the swimming speed of the swordfish.
Also remember fishing swordfish requires to have all set up before going on sea. Depth, light condition, equipment, good shoes and water temperature are your most important consideration.
You are now ready to take up the challenge and go fish swordfish ! It may be an extreme physical experience but you will certainly be proud of your catch !

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