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Greater Amberjack

Greater Amberjack
Fishing season :April to November
Minimum size :30 inches
Difficulty :

Greater amberjack (seriola dumerili) is found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Indian coasts. This fast-swimming pelagic fish is a very prized species during sport fishing games.


Seriola dumerili, which is commonly called Greater amberjack, usually lives between 20 and 70 meters depth. Reaching between 25 and 70 kg weight and a maximum length of 2 meters, greater jack is a fast-swimming pelagic fish and share a few habits with the kingfish. It is also a powerful hunter which feeds on other fish and invertebrates.
Fishermen often confuse the greater amberjack with jack mackerel while fishing. The body of the greater amberjack is silver-blue with a golden side line and a brown band crossing over the eye area.

When can you fish for greater amberjack ?

During its early years, greater amberjack tends to swing among groups of individuals but with time it becomes a lonesome traveler. It can be found in the ocean and the sea almost all year long: from April to early winter. However autumn is the best season for fishing seriola dumerili, especially during sunrise and sunset.

Where can you fish for greater amberjack ?

Greater amberjack enjoys swimming around rocky areas for capturing its preys as it feeds on fish and invertebrates. You can find it up to 360 meters depth but it generally does not swim deeper than 20 to 70 meters depending on the water temperature: the warmer it is, the deeper it will swim. 18 degrees celsius seems to be the best temperature for this species.
You can find it in many places all over the world: in the Mediterranean Sea, in the North Atlantic region, along the Pacific coasts, in Australia, in New-Zealand, in South America, in California, in Cape Verde, in Canada, in Brazil, in Mexico, in Japan and in Morocco.

How to catch greater amberjack ?

Seriola dumerili is not a bashful fish at all. It often approaches fishermen and observes them but as it is a very fast and powerful animal it may be very difficult to catch. Moreover after being caught greater amberjack always tries to look for the bottom and the rock to escape fishers’ lines.
Fishermen should thus be careful and fully equipped when fishing greater amberjack. Several methods can be used to fish this species: encircling or cast nets, long lines, trolling, jigging or lure fishing.
Remember to bring a solid line. Even though it seems to be a smaller fish compared with other species, it is a very strong and fast one. Once caught the fishing job is not over yet ! Being a big-game fish and one of the greatest fighting fish, greater amberjack is prized by sports fishermen all over the world.
Finally, the greater amberjack is well known for being a very delicious fish. The fishing challenge is worth it !

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