Angling - using floats


Angling (using floats) or float fishing is a technique also practiced for saltwater fishing, especially in calm waters: harbors, sheltered coves and canals.

This fishing technique is suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts. It conspires to let a cork float under which there is a bait that remains thus between two waters.

Through this technique you will be able to fish scrub menu, but also fish bigger like the mule or the bogue.

You will discover in our articles the most used techniques: pole fishing, angling, lapping, and many other techniques.

You will also learn how to properly prime your lines based on the targeted fish and the depth of fishing.

List of species for this type of fishing

Marlin is a fish from a large family called Istiophoridae, which includes about 10 species. The most popular species include the blue marlin (makaira nigricans), the striped marlin (kajikia audax), the white marlin (kajikia albidus) and the black marlin (istiompax indica).


Tuna is a popular and prized fish during recreative fishing games. Here is some useful information about Bigeye and Yellowfin if you want to fish in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.


Wahoo (acanthocybium solandri) is a scombrid fish you can find in all tropical and subtropical seas. It is also known as “peto” in many Hispanic areas of the Caribbean and in Central America. A lot of sports fishermen make it a prize game fish because of its speed and high-quality flesh

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