Casting (or lure fishing)


Casting or lure fishing is a saltwater fishing technique that requires a certain investment of time and equipment. It will leave many beginners empty-handed.

The action consists in throwing a lure sufficiently far, in area or in depth and to bring it back toward yourself using a particular technique according to the lure and the targeted fish.

It is undoubtedly the most sporty saltwater fishing technique; The fisherman remains constantly in action and focused on the right gesture.

The advantage of this technique is that it is formidable. If you are at a place where there are fish and you have the right technique, it takes only 2 or 3 throws to get the fish hooked up. Beyond these throwing, it is useless to insist, the fish will not show.

You will find here many articles about the techniques of casting, what types of lures to use, the best times for fishing. You will also find information on equipment and assemblies that have proved their worth.

List of species for this type of fishing
Kelp bass or Calico bass

Kelp bass (paralabrax clathratus), also commonly called calico bass, which is found along the Atlantic coast of North America from Baja California (Mexico) to Washington (US).

Striped bass

Striped bass (morone saxatilis) is a fish of the Moronidae family found along the Atlantic coast of North America.

Greater Amberjack

Greater amberjack (seriola dumerili) is found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Indian coasts. This fast-swimming pelagic fish is a very prized species during sport fishing games.


Tuna is a popular and prized fish during recreative fishing games. Here is some useful information about Bigeye and Yellowfin if you want to fish in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

Dolphinfish or Mahi-mahi

Dorade coryphène, dorado, dolphin, lampuga, rakingo, calitos, ti-rone, maverikos, mahi-mahi... There are so many ways to call the dolphinfish (coryphaena hippurus). This species is well known for its flesh and is found in tropical and subtropical oceans, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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