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Dolphinfish or Mahi-mahi

Dolphinfish or Mahi-mahi
Fishing season :June to September
Minimum size :20 inches
Difficulty :

Dorade coryphène, dorado, dolphin, lampuga, rakingo, calitos, ti-rone, maverikos, mahi-mahi... There are so many ways to call the dolphinfish (coryphaena hippurus). This species is well known for its flesh and is found in tropical and subtropical oceans, especially in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

About the dolphinfish

Dolphinfish is a very fast species. Couples of males and females seem to swim side by side and can be differentiated through the shape of their heads. Both have a silvery blue-green body with golden straps on the underside. Anal and dorsal fins also show very bright colors such as blue, blue-green and yellow. Dolphinfish is also called chameleon as it tends to switch from yellow to blue and from blue to white in a few minutes.
This species can live up to 5 years and catches average around 7 and 13 kg. Its body is quite compressed and a single long-based dorsal fin extends from its head to its tail.

Where to find dolphinfish ?

Dolphinfish is very famous for its colors, its shape and its flesh. Recreational fishermen enjoy fishing this species, which can be found and caught in warm waters such as the Caribbean Sea, the west coast of North and South America, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the Gulf of Mexico. They are very numerous in the Mediterranean Sea and on Atlantic coasts as well.
Moreover, as coryphaena loves feeding off little fishes and crustacean it is mostly found around floating debris and frigatebirds. But dolphinfish does not swim close to the coast.

When to fish for dolphinfish ?

Dolphinfishes are more commonly seen and caught during sunset or sunrise. As they make regular visits to inshore waters in late summer because of the warm temperatures, this season tends to be the ideal period for fishing mahi-mahi, from June to September. These fishes are more numerous on July and August as well and by the end of July it is very easy to find them. In the early August they may even venture within sight of land in New York and New Jersey.

How to fish for dolphinfish ?

Two popular methods are used by fishermen: hook-and-line and fly fishing. As for the first method dolphinfishes can easily be tricked thanks to any artificial lure. Pay attention to its seize. The bigger the better as mahi-mahi does not hesitate to attack very big lures. If you prefer fly fishing you can put your lure near debris such as floating wood or palm trees and fronds, among others. Also do not hesitate to gently move your lure in order to trick the hungry mahi-mahi.
Also do not hesitate to move from location to location. There are plenty of opportunities to find and catch doplhinfishes in the warm water areas during summer.
Now that you know a lot about dolphinfishes, it may be a good day to go for fishing mahi-mahi ! This fish is very easy to catch as it is lighter and more visible than tuna. Have a good fishing !

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