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Fishing season :All the year
Minimum size :40 inches
Difficulty :

Marlin is a fish from a large family called Istiophoridae, which includes about 10 species. The most popular species include the blue marlin (makaira nigricans), the striped marlin (kajikia audax), the white marlin (kajikia albidus) and the black marlin (istiompax indica).


Blue, striped, white and black marlin tend to live in tropical and subtropical areas such as the Indian Ocean and the tropical zones of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
The Atlantic blue marlin can reach 5 meters in length and 820 kg in weight, whereas the black marlin can reach the same length but is lighter (670 kg). The striped marlin is a smaller fish, with a maximum length of 4,2 meters and a maximum weight of 190 kg. As for the white marlin, it can be up to 2,8 meters and weight over 80 kg.
Many sport fishermen show much interest for these fish, which are very popular in tropical areas because of their size and physique.

When to fish for marlin ?

Marlin is found year round in tropical oceanic waters, especially in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific areas. It tends to expand into temperate waters of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres when the water temperature gets warmer, moves to the Equator during colder months.
As these species live in several areas, there is no fishing season if you want to go marlin fishing. Anyway the best way to know if you can go marlin fishing is considering the local water temperature.

Where to fish for marlin ?

Blue, white, striped and black marlin tend to stay near the surface but a few of them can be found in bodies of water that are deeper than 100 meters. Indeed marlin prefer living in warm waters (approximately 22 degrees Celsius and above).
Blue marlin can be caught in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans but it seems that they are larger in the Pacific Ocean, while black marlin swims in temperate waters and sometimes travels around the Cape of Good Hope into the Atlantic Ocean. If you prefer fishing white marlin, it can be found in shallow waters, close to shore. It is also important to know that it lives in tropical and seasonally temperate Atlantic waters such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Western Mediterranean. Finally, the striped marlin is found in colder areas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

How to catch marlin ?

Marlin fishing is a very physical challenge. These fish are really fast, athletic and very heavy, besides the striped marlin is the second fastest fish in the world after the sailfish. As for the blue marlin it tends to dive deeper and tire quicker than its mates.
You should also consider fishing for marlin with artificial lures, but live baits can also be used if you’re covering a small fishing area. Finally it is important to use the best quality tackle: make sure it is heavy enough to withstand the pressure when the marlin goes under. Remember it is a very aggressive and highly predatory fish.
You are now ready for marlin fishing. All you have to do is choose your destination for an awesome adventure catching one of the most challenging species !

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