Gathering seafood by hand


This type of fishing is the most accessible to all and is certainly perfect to get started with saltwater fishing ! Here we will share many fun and efficient fishing techniques that are respectful to the marine environment.

There are two big advantages to this type of fishing: first of all, a lot of shellfish can be gathered without the need for special equipment, and if you do need some equipment, a morning spent at the beach gathering seafood will definitely make the investment worth it. No need to be an expert to bring home a bucket full of seafood !

Gathering seafood by hand is very simple: as the tide goes out, an incredible amount of seafood is left behind buried in the sand, hidden under rocks or crawling under algae while it waits for the tide to come back in.

It is important that the tide is out when you are gathering seafood. The higher the tidal coefficient, the further the tide goes out and the more success you will have !

In order to catch a lot of seafood, you must understand the behavior and lifestyle of cockles, clams, swimming crabs, prawns and razor shells.

On this website, you will find a lot of information on the life of gastropods and crustaceans as well as the best fishing techniques to catch them. You will also find a few suggestions on how to prepare and cook your favorite seafood. Have you ever tried barbecued crayfish ?

List of species for this type of fishing
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